Progress Mfg. Inc. Authorized Seller Policy Introduction

At Progress Mfg. Inc., we are committed to you - resellers that have helped our company become a leading manufacturer and supplier of hitches and trailer products. To protect the Fastway® and Equal-i-zer® brands and support your business, we are implementing a Brand Protection Program. Your obligations under our new program are outlined in the Progress Mfg. Inc. Authorized Reseller Policy (ARP), found on the Progress Mfg. Inc. Brand Protection website at the address you received from your Distributor This Policy will be enforced beginning Monday, October 15, 2018.

Key Features of the Authorized Reseller Policy:

  • Where and to Whom You May Sell Progress Mfg. Inc. Products: Progress Mfg. Inc. is committed to maintaining the integrity of its authorized distribution channels and to stopping the diversion of Progress Mfg. Inc. products to unauthorized sellers. To this end, the ARP requires that you sell Progress Mfg. Inc. products solely to end users and not to persons or entities who intend to re-sell the products. In addition, Progress Mfg. Inc. products may not be marketed for sale or shipped outside of the United States without prior written approval from Progress Mfg. Inc.
  • Internet Sales: The ARP clarifies that you are permitted to sell Progress Mfg, Inc. products online on websites that you own or operate. Sales on, through, or to any other website, including any third-party marketplace sites such as Amazon or eBay, are not permitted without prior written consent from Progress Mfg. Inc. This provision will be strictly enforced.
  • Ensuring Product Quality and Satisfaction: To ensure that consumers who purchase our products have the best experience possible, we have outlined our expectations for the service you will provide to your customers. The ARP also describes certain steps you must take to maintain the quality of Progress Mfg. Inc. products until they reach consumers.

In addition, we have implemented a unilateral Progress Mfg. Inc. Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) Policy, which applies to all resellers of Progress Mfg. Inc. products in the United States. The MAP Policy is effective Monday, December 3, 2018. A copy of the MAP Policy is found on the Progress Mfg. Inc. Brand Protection website at

Thank you for your careful attention to the Brand Protection policies and for your continued support of the Progress Mfg. Inc. brands.


Brand Protection Program Administrators

Brand Protection Program Authorized Reseller Policy
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